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Tips to increasing audiobook sales

Tips to increasing audiobook sales

Most people don’t write books just to sell them. They wish to be recognized, awarded, invited on shows as guest speakers, and possibly build a fan base. Or maybe you just want to make a difference in someone’s life or the way they view the world.

Whatever it is, your book is a way to make it happen. A possible way is to hire the best ghostwriting company, that can help you achieve your goal of becoming a reputable and commendable writer.

What’s an Audiobook?

What’s an Audiobook

An audiobook is a more literal way of speaking to your readers and is also generally recommended, and to make this task easier you simply approach an agency that has ghostwriters for hire.

However, simply getting your audiobook published isn’t enough to get you the success and recognition you desire. You still need to get it in front of people. According to research, online buyers have approximately 20 or more touchpoints before they actually buy anything.

Your audiobook should be made in accordance with your author brand. Your author brand is based on your core message; it is the basis for your book, your relations with your readers, your topic for public speaking, your social media posts, and what you offer to your clients.

In order to make people listen, you need to ensure that your author brand comes in a professional package.  

Since your audiobook represents your brand, it has to be extraordinary and exceptional. An appealing cover, an enticing title, a concept that hooks the reader, and a professional production quality of the narration and the finished sound files. Here are some of the best practices to improve your audiobook sales.

1. A Landing Page for Your Audiobook

A Landing Page for Your Audiobook

If you have not already done this already, you need to create a landing page for your audiobook right now. This will be a web page for your book marketing, a place where your marketing links will guide interested readers and visitors to learn more about your books and you. Include links to where these visitors can access and buy audiobooks, eBooks, and print books.

Make sure to integrate your book page with your author brand, as your personal brand is more important than your book. It is also recommended to include reviews of your book and your page from readers, bloggers or other professional review sites.

2. Provide Links to Your Audiobook Everywhere

Provide Links to Your Audiobook Everywhere

Once you have created your landing page, link your landing page everywhere; including your social media bio, videos and posts, the automatic signature on your email, your blogs and podcasts, and the descriptions of any social media groups that you run.

You can also link your audiobook with QR codes; so that when people scan these, they are taken to your landing page or a sample of your audiobook is played. You can include your QR code in your printed books, the back of your business cards, embedded in your email signature, or in handouts at your speaking events, etc.

3. Announcing Release Dates

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Another way of marketing your audiobook is announcing when it is available for preorder and when it is going to be finally launched. Pull together an email list and send out an email regarding when your audiobook will be available for preorder, the best time for your audiobook sales is during the week it is going to be launched.

One email is not going to be sufficient; at least not when you need to make the most of your audiobook launch. It is ideal to send an email out on the day your audiobook is to be launched. Send a follow-up email; include your gratitude and any reviews you received.

Send the last email when the week of the launch is at the end, you can include discount offers and other promotions to let the people in your email list know it is their last chance to avail the special offers before the audiobook goes back to its original price.

4. Share On Social Media Platforms

Share your audiobook On Social Media Platforms

Share quotes, images, snippets of your audiobook, and audiograms on social media. This is a great way to appeal your target audience by creating suspense and enticing them to learn more about your audiobook. This will also be helpful in conveying to your target readers the quality of your audiobook.

5. Create a YouTube Trailer

Create a YouTube Trailer for your audiobook

Regardless of how strong your presence is on video-based social media; you need an audiobook trailer of professional quality on a streaming service like YouTube. You can embed the link to this trailer on your landing page, your social media page, and your ebooks.

6. Discuss Your Audiobook on Podcasts

Discuss Your Audiobook on Podcasts

Audiobooks tend to go well with podcast interviews; play snippets of your audiobook while discussing your ideas with the host of the podcast. Look for podcasts that relate to your niche or ones that your target readers are likely to listen to; or both.

7. Reaching out to Libraries

Reaching out to audiobook Libraries

Libraries are often intrigued by local authors, so make sure to drop by a library, introduce yourself and leave a business card with a QR code on the back.

Maintaining long-term friendships with librarians will be more beneficial than a single visit. You will gain more opportunities; like getting to be a guest author and gaining more recommendations.

8. Using Paid Promotion

Using Paid Promotion for your audiobook

Self-published authors have to assume many roles, especially when they are creating books as a means of earning. You are your own editor, publisher, seller, and advertiser. Use paid promotions on social media pages and websites to advertise your audiobook.

Also consider using audiobook promotion services to promote your audiobook. The explosive growth of audiobooks has given way to an almost inexhaustible list of platforms that provide promotion and publishing opportunities to self-publishing authors.

9. Provide a Discount on Your Audiobook

Provide a Discount on Your Audiobook

Some reputable promotional services for audiobooks, require you to discount your audiobook in order for it to be featured in promotions, ads, and emails. These platforms prefer proving their users, visitors, readers, and listeners to avail special opportunities and chances.

Another common way of promoting your audiobook is to discount it when someone buys the ebook; this is known as discounting as an upsell. It is a cost-effective promotional strategy, to sell more copies and make your promotion successful.

10. Bundling Your Audiobooks

Bundling Your Audiobooks

If you have more than one audiobook under your name, it is a great idea to bundle them into one set. Make this set of audiobooks be available on a discount, priced lower as compared to buying each audiobook separately.

11. Offer Free Samples:

To attract potential customers, offer free chapters or samples of your audiobook. 

This is made possible by services like Audible, which offers an Audible Sample option.

 Send audiobook samples to your email list both prior to and during launch week. To further pique your audience’s interest, send them together with your audiobook cover. 

You can make an ebook sample that can be shared via social media, embedded on your website, or used on video-sharing networks. Include a link to an audio sample and an image of your book cover in the footer of each newsletter you send out after the launch announcement. 

It’s a fantastic technique to make your book an apple of the eye.

12. Optimize Book Cover and Description:

The cover of an audiobook, like that of an ebook or print book, has the power to make or ruin your book marketing. 

The ebook cover and audiobook cover frequently share design features, but there are some distinctions as well.

 For example, the audiobook cover is square and typically has the narrator’s name on it. Additionally, lettering frequently needs to be adjusted.

Choosing or requesting the cover art is one of the most artistic aspects of creating an audiobook. You can work with an artist to realize a specific idea you have for the cover. There are lists of available freelance artists on Reedsy and Deviant Art.

 To determine whether an artist’s style might work well for you, you can also peruse their web pages on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance. 

Recall that there are formatting specifications for cover art for audiobooks. Among these include having a JPG file with a pixel resolution of 2400 x 2400 and not more than 5 MB.

13. Email Marketing:

Spend time and money promoting your audiobook. Make use of a variety of marketing methods, such as paid advertising and email newsletters.

Create a prospective consumer email list and send out newsletters, updates, and special offers on a regular basis. 

Think of using websites that specialize in audiobooks, such as BookBub for AudiobookBoom or book advertising services.

14. Participate In Audio Book Awards:

Use all available platforms in a multi-channel strategy to reach a wider audience. Increase the lifespan of your audiobook by utilizing a variety of channels and catering to different audiences on different platforms.

 Accept the way that audiobooks are being consumed, and make use of these tactics to connect with more people, increase discoverability, and succeed in the long run!

Organize an audiobook event to commemorate the release date or any other event on your promotions schedule.

There are contests and prizes for audiobooks, just like there are for movies, television shows, print books, and radio. Some opportunities require an entry fee, and some are free. 


Building a brand for yourself requires a lot of hard work and time; but the benefits you get from it, are totally worth your investment. Before adding voice to your eBook, writing one is the real challenge. You can always turn to our blog on The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Ghostwriter for best writing practices.

Quality production and rightly targeted distribution will enable you to boost your brand. However, the simplest solution out of all is to hire the best ghostwriting services out there, like WeBookx.


A good quality audiobook requires a well-written print book or ebook, first; so the narrator can transfer this story from the writer to the reader, or the listener. A good quality audiobook requires the written content to be brought to life. This can be done with an enticing voice of the narrators, characters’ voices, proper pacing and enunciation, etc.

In order to become a successful audiobook narrator, it is ideal to have a background in acting; as in this field, you need expertise in dialogue delivery and a lot of confidence. You might also need the ability to change voices and accents.

Audiobook narrators with more experience can earn an hourly wage from US $100 up to  US $350.

Audiobooks have certain characteristics that make them better than eBooks, including the ability to multitask, being able to carry on with your activities while listening to audiobooks, learning the correct pronunciation of words, easy comprehension, etc.

There is almost no difference between understanding the two ways of consuming literature. While the information is given to the brain in two different ways, there is little to no difference between the way that our brain comprehends this information. So, both audiobooks and real books are as beneficial as the others.

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