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eBooks vs Audiobooks: What's Best?

eBooks Vs Audiobooks: What’s Best?

Over the span of the last few years, everything has changed; books and the way we enjoy them are no exception. This dramatic change has brought a competition of popularity between the books available digitally and printed books.

Digitally available books include audiobooks and eBooks; these books have risen in popularity since they came out, especially in the last decade. This has created new jobs and employment opportunities such as eBook writing services.

However, people often ask about what is better between audiobooks and eBooks. While eBook writers create masterpieces themselves, audiobooks are not far behind. We have compiled for you a list of the pros and cons of eBooks and audiobooks, so you can decide for yourself; which of the two is the best.

What Makes eBooks Better than Audio Books?

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It isn’t a question of what’s better than the other one, rather the question revolves around the fact of what you enjoy the most. Most people get a kick out of reading a book as compared to listening to one.

Whereas listening to an eBook is easier, more accessible, and consumes less effort. Moreover, there is still something that makes an eBook better than an audiobook such as,

1. Cost-effective

More often than not, an eBook is less expensive than its audiobook version. eBooks are cheaper to produce and distribute for publishers and authors; the production process is now even easier due to the availability of ghostwriters for hire.

This leads to eBooks being available for purchase at prices that are relatively lower than those of audiobooks. Additionally, there are more high-end eBooks available for free than audiobooks. Readers who wish to save up while reading quality books choose to go for eBooks.

2. Availability

eBooks are the undisputed winner when it comes to availability. Today, almost all the titles that are getting released; have an eBook version; that is easy to find, purchase, and download on the web or through websites. You can easily find eBook titles on search engines, while audiobooks are rare and not available for almost every title, unlike eBooks.

3. Marking & Bookmarking

Bookmarking, marking, annotating, and highlighting in an eBook is easy in e-Readers, tablets, or eBook-reading apps. Scrolling, exporting, and sharing highlighted important notes from eBooks is easy. Though with certain apps, you can bookmark a section in an audiobook; it is not half as good as the annotation features in an eBook.

4. Focus

We listen to audiobooks while multitasking, which means either we are distracted from the tasks or from what books we are listening to.  However, while reading eBooks, all of our attention is on the eBook, as we focus entirely on the words and often find ourselves immersed in them. If you wish to learn about something eBooks are a wider choice.

5. Easy Storing

In most cases, eBooks lesser storage space than audiobooks. An audiobook is likely to take space 50 times more than an eBook. While we can carry 1000 eBooks in a device, only 20 audiobooks in the same device. This is quite a simple reason why some readers prefer eBooks over audiobooks.

How are Audio Books Better than eBooks?

What Makes eBooks Better than Audio Books

As we said earlier, audiobooks are not far behind in this game. Audiobooks have certain ground over eBooks, and that’s what makes them preferable for some.

1. Multitasking

As long as your work does not require all of your attention, you can listen to an audiobook while working; i.e., household chores, cooking, driving, walking, etc. The top advantage that audiobooks have is that they help readers read despite their busy schedules.

2. Pronunciation

Not knowing to pronounce a word properly or mispronouncing it is a common phenomenon that occurs when reading. However, when listening to an audiobook, pronunciation is never a problem. While the narrator reads everything to you and teaches you the correct pronunciation in the process.

3. Comprehension

Listening to audiobooks and reading eBooks may be two different things but their purpose is one.  When reading an eBook, you might skip out on some words or information unintentionally. However, with an audiobook, you listen to every word being read and said aloud, which makes it easier to comprehend and extract the gist of the words in the way that author meant to convey it.

4. Visual Benefits

Audiobooks do not need you to look at them or to read; this is a great advantage as you can listen to audiobooks while doing almost everything. Unlike eBooks that cause eye strain while reading; audiobooks are a great choice for those who have eye-related problems.

5. Enjoyment

For a lot of readers and listeners, the purpose of listening to audiobooks is to enjoy. A lot of people like and find comfort in being told stories in a voice that is both soothing and professional. With audiobooks, people can carry on with their daily tasks while enjoying.

Wrap Up:

Just like every other thing in this world, eBooks and audiobooks have their pros and cons and we have listed all of them for you to make your choice between the two; easier. If you are a writer confused about whether to produce an eBook or an audiobook for your next title; you can contact a reputable company that provides eBook writing services like WeBookX.


In some aspects, eBooks are better than audiobooks; i.e., cost-effective production and distribution as well as cheaper prices for customers, availability, annotation, etc.

 Audiobooks have certain characteristics that make them better than eBooks; including the ability to multitask; being able to carry on with your activities while listening to audiobooks, learning the correct pronunciation of words, easy comprehension, etc. 

There is almost no difference between understanding the two ways of consuming literature. while the information is given to the brain in two different ways, there is little to no difference between the way that our brain comprehends this information. So, both audiobooks and real books are as beneficial as the others.

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