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Top 5 Award-Winning eBooks That You Must Read

Ebooks have gained immense popularity in the past few years. More than 191 million eBooks were sold in 2020; a 12.35% rise from 2019. This has paved the way for ebook writers.

Ebooks are trendy, portable, easily accessible, and environment-friendly. So, it is no wonder that their popularity has seen a steady increase. With the advent of ebooks, we have also gotten access to many other services i.e. ghostwriters for hire.

Ebook writing services have also contributed to creating a global community for readers, writers, learners, and publishers. However, people are often times confused about what books they should read. To make this decision easier for you, we bring you a compilation of the best award-winning eBooks that are totally worth reading.

Top 5 Pulitzer Prize-winning eBooks

Top 5 Pulitzer Prize-winning eBooks

The Pulitzer Prize is the highest and most revered award in literary achievement, musical compositions, and print journalism. Following is a list of the most recognized titles that are also winners of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize of the books industry.

1. Cuba: An American History

cuba books

The winner of the Pulitzer Prize in history (2022) Cuba: American history is a non-fiction book written by Ada Ferrer; a Cuban-American historian and a professor of history and Latin American history at New York University.

This book has earned widespread fame for its “lively insights and lucid prose”; as declared by the Wall Street Journal. Throughout the book, Ada Ferrer takes an insightful approach to the history that has led to the strained relations between the USA and Cuba.

Readers of the book are taken for a ride into a past of conquests, colonization, slavery, freedom, independence, and revolutions. Ferrer writes enticing prose to educate the reader on the politics that made and unmade the friendship between the two nations – while keeping them hooked.

The book talks about the evolution of Cuba and the influence of the two nations on each other. Reviews say that the American readers of this book will close it with hope in their hearts; to make the relations of their country with Cuba, better.

This book is full of characters like no other and stories so unexpectedly arousing; with more than thirty years of research into Spain, the USA, and Cuba.

2. Invisible Child

Invisible Child

Winner of the Pulitzer prize in the non-fiction category, Invisible Child is a book written by Andrea Elliot and published by Penguin publishers. It is based on eight very challenging years in the life of Dasani Coates; a girl child with a great imagination.

The book follows the journey of Dasani as she leads her seven siblings through battles against homelessness, hunger, poverty, domestic violence, the drug addiction of her parents, and educational and economic challenges. The invisible child is a heartbreaking yet eye-opening and inspiring story about the power of persistence, the significance of family, and the challenges of economic disparity.

3. Covered with Night

Covered with Night

Author Nicole Eustace’s Covered with Night is the 2022 winner of the Pulitzer prize for history, a finalist for the National Book Award for Nonfiction, and the Best Book of the Year according to Time, Smithsonian, Kirkus Reviews, and Boston Globe. 

The book’s title is inspired by a Haudenosaunee metaphor for grieving. It describes how the brutal assault of a Seneca hunter led to a contest between the colonial ideology and the Native American approach to justice. Covered with Night takes us on a journey to understand the approaches of the indigenous to grief and condolence and leads us on our way to seek the true meaning of justice.

4. The Netanyahus

The Netanyahus

A perfect blend of fiction and non-fiction, the Netanyahus by Joshua Cohen has earned the Pulitzer prize 2022 for fiction. The book is set in a college in the late 1950s in Upstate New York City. It is about a fictional encounter of Harold Bloom with Benzion Netanyahu and his very famous family; including his son Benjamin Netanyahu; a child who would grow up to be the leader of Israelis.

The Netanyahus is a book full of vibrant writings and enigmatic details and theories about the Jewish identity.

5. Frank: Sonnets

Frank Sonnets

Diane Seuss’ Frank: Sonnets has won the 2022 Pulitzer for poetry. This book is a compilation of sonnets based on Seuss’ own life; her childhood in rural Michigan as a member of a working-class family, and her journey to New York City and back.

Seuss weaves her tale in poetry, nimbly and beautifully as she tells of life on the verge of flowing off the pages. This book’s main purpose is to teach us what we can live without, what the magnitude of life is, and what the search of peace in life really is.


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list of the most read books is topped by Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us at number one, It Starts with Us in second place, and Verity in third, the fourth most read book is Where the Crawdad Sings by Delia Owens, and the fifth one is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Final Offer by Lauren Asher, the perfect marriage by Jeneva Rose, and Jessica Simpson’s Movie Star: They say they’re single; are the top three most popular ebooks.

Anna Karenina written by Russian novelist; Leo Tolstoy, is considered the best book to have been written.

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