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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Ghostwriter

People often get amazing ideas for books, and short stories, even poetry. However, when they sit to pen it down, they often find that words have eluded them. This is where you need Ghostwriters for hire. Most writers have been there. That is where ghostwriting services make their grand entrance. Ghostwriters have often been the saviors of writers. When writers hit a dead end, ghostwriters come to the rescue.

Ghostwriting is basically the process of writing under someone else’s name. You simply write but the client you are writing for is credited. You write their book for them. For example, a freelance writer is hired to write a short story that will be published under the name of the hiring party. This is what a ghostwriter agency does; they write books, blogs, short stories, etc. for their clients.

Ghostwriting is not only for memoirs, non-fiction writings, novel series, and autobiographies, this is a common misconception. Ghostwriting services can also be availed for business related writings like press releases, addresses and speeches, letters to editors from someone else, blog posts, etc.

The Demand for Ghostwriters

The Demand for Ghostwriters

The demand for ghostwriting services rose considerably in the year 2022. This is also a reason why many freelance ghostwriters raised their prices up to 40%.  Through this, you can estimate that the demand for ghostwriting services is going to continue rising for a while.  

Attributes of a Good Ghostwriter


Confidence: This is the first and the most important of all attributes of a successful ghostwriter. Confidence is necessary for building trust between the client and the ghostwriter. It will help you gain clients’ trust in your abilities, write better on any topic, and gain more tasks and clients by getting a good reputation.

Organizing: Working on short projects while ghostwriting, like speeches and short stories; organizing may not be such an important aspect. However, if you’re working on a blog post, novel, research compilation, or autobiography; you need to put organizing skills to use. For example, if you are writing a fictional book for a client, you will need to organize the storyline, the chapters, and the incidents in the story so it all fits like the correct pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Creativity: Most clients are looking for ghostwriting services, very little are interested in transcribing. Clients don’t want to dictate their entire plan for the book, they want to give you their overall idea for the writing. You will be able to work on that idea if you have the creativity to come up with unique ideas, research, edit, and customize details. You also need creativity so you may come up with new approaches to topics you have written on before.

Publishing Knowledge: If you are going to work on long ghostwriting projects like books, you need to have published some books already. Self-publishing is also acceptable in this aspect to some extent. Ghostwriters who have experience in publishing are more valuable for clients who wish to get books, autobiographies, research compilations, etc. written.  

Flexibility: As a ghostwriter you will often need to contact your client for information. They might not be able to respond to your calls or messages at any given moment. On the other hand, they might call you at any time of the day or the night, or demand a draft of writing without any regard. Due to these reasons, a ghostwriter needs to have flexible routine and habits.

Perks of Ghostwriting

Pros of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters can earn while working their own projects, even when a ghostwriter gives up a project, they get paid for the time and efforts they have already given.

Once a ghostwriter is established as a ghostwriter, ghostwriting can be quite profitable. Even a less experienced ghostwriter can earn thousands of dollars per project. A well-established ghostwriter can easily get more significant and better paying ghostwriting jobs.

Ghostwriting is great for learning just about everything. As a ghostwriter, you can be assigned to write about anything at all, from kitchen supplies to the condition of the stock market. This will require you to research and help you learn and stay updated about everything.

As a ghostwriter, your responsibility is to only write. That’s it. Nothing more. The moment you are done with writing, the instant your project ends; your responsibilities come to an end as well. You don’t have to be concerned about production, marketing, making public appearances, or giving interviews about the book.

Ghostwriting requires passion, confidence, and hard work; not advanced degrees and certified specializations. To become a good ghostwriter, you must be able to listen to your client actively and note down points.

The Process of Ghostwriting

The Process of Ghostwriting

Drafting an outline: After collecting the necessary information regarding the project, preparing a rough outline is the first basic step in ghostwriting.

Transforming ideas into word: After completing the rough draft, the second step is drafting the concept of the project by taking the clients’ ideas and preparing an entirely unique content that portrays the clients’ picture in the best possible.

Proofreading: After gaining the clients’ approval on the draft, the next step is to evaluate, proofread, and modify the writing into a piece that has an everlasting impact on the reader.

Structuring: After getting the modified manuscript approved by the client, the step is to align and arrange the content in a manner that satisfies the client and is understandable for the readers. This includes formatting, and structuring the text to prepare it for printing.


Ghostwriting can be a difficult field to work in but it has a considerable number of advantages. Before entering this field, you should carefully consider all of its pros and cons to see what works best for you. You can also take help from a reputable ghostwriting agency like WeBookx.


Ghostwriting is a field where it can be problematic finding a client at your starting point, you have to be consistent in your efforts to be successful in this line of work.

Anyone who has good writing skills, creativity, and is persistent in their efforts can become a ghostwriter. If you can be patient, are willing to put your ego aside to let the clients take lead of putting forward demands and generating ideas, and are willing to write a variety of content; nobody can stop you from becoming a successful ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters need to be fluent in the language they choose to write in; this includes grammar, punctuation, and translating thoughts and ideas into words. They also need to be confident in their writing skill, have good listening skills, and be able to communicate well with the clients and the authors.

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