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Why Opt For A Video Trailer For Your eBook?

For most eBook writers, promoting an eBook can seem nerve-wracking and hectic task. If you want your next ebook to be a bestseller as soon as it gets released, the first thing you need to do is create a buzz about it. 

By availing eBook ghostwriting services, you can get the optimum advantages of ghostwriting. Your ebook will be error-free and search engine optimized.

Most agencies that provide eBook writing services do the promotional work as well. They help you promote your book on every platform available, this includes local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and social media platforms. You also have the option of creating and releasing a video trailer for your ebook.

A video trailer is a short video made for promotional purposes of a book. It is similar to movie trailers, gives people a preview of the to-be-released or newly released title. However, book trailers are different in some ways when compared to movie trailers.

Book trailers are shorter; no longer than 90 seconds, they tend to create suspense in the audience without giving away too much information, and they stand alone. If done in the right way, book trailers can be considered advantageous for increasing sales and downloads of the book.

Tips to Create the Perfect eBook Video Trailer:

Tips to Create the Perfect eBook Video Trailer
  • Create book trailers that match well with your over strategy for marketing your ebook.
  • Create a storyboard and write a script for your trailer.
  • Develop a point in your trailer to hook the audience.
  • Ensure that the graphics and audio (voiceover and music) are of high quality.
  • Ensure that the music and graphics are relevant to your book.
  • Make sure to include positive feedback and reviews from media outlets and reviews; if you have released the book prior to the trailer.
  • Confirm that the maximum duration of your trailer is 90 seconds.
  • Include a CTA (call to action) in the end, so your readers know where to find the book.

Benefits of a Good Video Trailer for Your eBook:

1. Videos are a Popular Choice:

Videos are still an amazingly favored type of content. Approximately 5 billion people watch videos on YouTube for education and entertainment every day, and more than 4 billion videos are viewed on Facebook daily. Thus, it is sensible to use this medium to engage your target audience. A video book trailer presents a huge opportunity for every author and publisher to reach a maximum readership.

2. Builds Credibility:

Video trailers help build credibility for authors; by proving that they’re talented writers and creator. It helps you publicize yourself and shows how serious you are about your career. It does so in two ways; firstly, it shows how much time and effort you have put into your book and its marketing, and secondly, it shows that you have storytelling abilities that go beyond writing.

3. Reaches a Broader Audience:

Videos are easier to consume and share; a book trailer provides you with a simple and more fun way to teach the audience about your book. A book trailer can help you increase the exposure of the book, as it is more likely to be shared with others.

Feature your book trailer on as many platforms as possible, i.e. your website, your Amazon sales page, your social media pages, literary platforms, your email signature, events, etc. This will help you reach a wider audience and the people who are not familiar with you or your work.

4. Leaves a Lasting Impression:

Book trailers are a combination of visual and audio components that delivers a sensory experience that is a cut above simple graphics and text. This helps your book have a lasting impression on those who have not even read it yet.  It can prove your book as more outstanding.

An appealing premise will let the potential readers remember your book later, and they will likely obtain it through whichever means you have made it available.

5. An Additional Marketing Medium:

Not many authors take the time to put in the effort for creating a book trailer, this will help you stand out from them. Although a trailer is not a substitute for an enticing cover and well-written content; it still serves as additional material for marketing. 64% of the readers are likely to purchase your book after watching its trailer.

6. Improved SEO:

A not-so-secret tactic in the perpetual struggle for page-one Rankings is video. Videos can improve ranks and conversion percentages in addition to aiding with web page optimization. The methods used to increase content visibility, and discoverability on search engines are collectively referred to as video optimization in SEO.

SEO spiders can better comprehend the audio in the video and index the content with the help of captions. By making it easier for search engines to assess the content, adding a transcript to the video can also greatly increase its placement on SERPs. Make sure your videos contain relevant goal keywords related to your business in order to increase their ranking. 

You may find out which words are trending by researching common keywords associated with your sector. Additionally, it will assist you in locating possible clients who are searching for content similar to yours.


7. Visual Storytelling:

With the goal of empowering customers and achieving business objectives, multimedia storytelling is a marketing approach that uses emotionally charged visual media experiences, gripping narratives, and effective distribution throughout the buyer’s journey.

This narrative technique aims to swiftly and successfully grab the audience’s attention. An image can be processed by the human brain very quickly. Graphic novels and ebooks are among the many entertainment mediums that use visual storytelling to communicate their stories.

Visual storytelling can be used in marketing and advertising to highlight a company and its products by giving consumers an idea of what to expect should they decide to become potential clients.

Not only can this storytelling increase online traffic and demystify complex information, but it may also foster strong emotional ties with the business that encourages loyalty.


8. Emotional Connection:

Emotional marketing is essential if you want to draw in, connect with, and motivate your eLearning audience to take action. All day long, marketers bombard consumers with ads, but the most memorable ones are those that are ambitious and have a compelling narrative.

To cut a long tale short, emotional marketing appeals to viewers’ feelings in order to get them to notice a message or brand. People can be made to feel fear, wrath, empathy, or happiness, for instance.

Emotional marketing helps consumers remember your eLearning brand by appealing to their feelings. Customers who experience emotional marketing are more likely to feel devoted, share, and make purchases.


9. Enhanced Book Promotion:

Using video trailers to market your ebook on social media, book websites, and video-sharing platforms is a smart move. A book trailer is usually a brief promotional video that teases viewers with an exciting synopsis of the book’s message, tone, and plot in an attempt to get them to pick up a copy.

 A book trailer typically lasts between 30 and 120 seconds. It does this by stimulating the audience’s curiosity without divulging too much of the storyline. 


10. Multimedia Appeal:

Since visuals can grab the interest of some readers more than text, video teasers are a crucial component of any marketing strategy. Additionally, video trailers can assist in building your author brand by helping people identify your work in the future.


Through summarizing your entire book into a 90-second video trailer and adding an effective hook in it is a daunting task, you can utilize the above-given tips to create a winning video trailer for your ebook. This can help you increase your credibility and sales at the same time, slowly but surely. The other option you have, is to hire reputable and professional ebook writers like Webookx to create a video trailer for your book that is both fitting and appealing.  


A book trailer provides you additional marketing material and helps you reach a wider audience, build credibility, and increase sales.

A video book trailer is a short promotional video about your ebook; to introduce the plot, characters, and the author to potential readers as well give a call to action.

A good book trailer requires time and effort. A good book trailer fits in well with your marketing strategy and the book’s plot, uses high quality audio and graphics, and includes positive reviews.

A book trailer video can be as short as a 30-second clip and may extend to even 2 minutes. The trailer’s length depends upon the trailer’s concept, the book’s genre, premise, and other foundational elements, and not the story directly.

Yes, anyone is allowed to use their pictures or videos in the trailer until you grip the copyright claims.

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