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Author Website Design Services to Boost Your Presence

Elevate your online presence with our expert author website design services. Get a stunning new WordPress website that captivates, complete with a newsletter for seamless audience engagement.

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Top Author Website Designer For Stunning Squarespace Solutions

Elevate your online presence by choosing the best author website designer for remarkable Squarespace solutions. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a seasoned writer, we understand that the perfect author website is essential. Our 20 years of experience in website design for authors ensures that every website we create is not just functional, but a bespoke masterpiece. We blend custom web design with digital marketing strategies, guaranteeing that your site not only looks great but also serves as the hub for your literary journey.
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Finding a good professional ghostwriter let alone good ghostwriting services to help you write a book and then get your book published, ensuring that it reaches nearly all of your target audience, is all a challenge in itself.

You might be struggling to find a business ghostwriter who is dedicated and honest enough to help you become a published author. The ghostwriter may steal your ideas, lack knowledge of publishing standards, or charge extra later. Your concerns are all very valid.

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Services Leading
Web Designer Offers

Elevate your author brand with our expert website design. Engaging, responsive, and tailored to you for maximum impact.

WordPress Expertise

Harness the power of WordPress for your author's website. Enjoy seamless content management and customization, elevating your online presence and book sales.

Responsive Design

Reach readers everywhere with a responsive website. Your content shines on any device, ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Engage visitors effortlessly with an intuitive interface. Navigate through your books, blogs, and more with ease, making readers stay longer and explore deeper.

Web Design Mastery

Our design skills bring your vision to life. Captivate visitors with visually stunning layouts, highlighting your books and unique personality.

Design Tailored to You

We craft a website that embodies your brand. Every element resonates with your style, creating a memorable and authentic online identity.

Optimized Performance

Experience a site that loads swiftly and efficiently. Boost search engine visibility, giving your author platform the exposure it deserves.

Professional Author Website Design: Your Solution For Impactful Online Presence

Struggling with lackluster websites for authors? Look no further! Our professional author website design is the solution you’ve been seeking. Cannot recommend us enough – our bespoke websites are built with your unique needs in mind. We don’t just create websites; we craft online hubs that exceed your expectations.

Thrilled clients attest – “I’m so thrilled with my new website,” and “I love my new website!” We ensure your custom author website isn’t just visually stunning, but mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. With features like easy updates and social media links, maintaining your website is a breeze. Partner with us to make sure your site is more than just a site – it’s the vibrant center of your online presence.

From Vision to Perfection: Crafting Your New
Website as the Perfect Author Platform Business Book Ghostwriter?

You might be apprehensive about hiring a ghostwriter and we understand that. That is why we have listed below the reasons why we are the right ghostwriter for you when you finally get to hire a business book ghostwriter.


Our design process begins by understanding your unique author identity. We grasp your book website needs, ensuring it's tailored precisely to resonate with readers.

Crafting Brilliance

Our expert team helps authors stand out online. We weave your essence into design, ensuring Outbox Online creates a memorable, engaging, and authentic website for writers.

Collaborate & Refine

We value your input. Collaborate seamlessly as we refine the design for writers, aligning it with your vision while adding expert touches that elevate your platform.

Launch with Impact

Witness your book website come to life. Our design process culminates in a captivating author website that leaves an unforgettable impression, a testament to our dedicated expertise.

Our Process


The first and most initial
step involves setting up a
consultation for the
discussion of the book’s
vision, goals, and target
audience with the author.

Research &

Conducting thorough
research on the subject
matter i.e., corporate
history, market and
industry analysis, intended
readership identification.

Writing &

Collaboration with the
author, writing the book,
and making revisions
according to the feedback.
The ghostwriting team then
begins writing your book.

Equitable &

We proofread and review
the manuscript thoroughly,
then edit and polish it
accordingly before moving
on to assist with the

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Responsive WordPress
Design by Expert Author Website Designer

Get to grips with unparalleled design skills and a dream team to work on your author’s website. Grow your readership exponentially. Elevate your brand, and collaborate with us today.


Author website design is about creating a unique online platform that showcases your books, brand, and personality. It encompasses visual design, user experience, and content organization.

A professional author’s website establishes credibility, connects with readers, and boosts book sales. It’s a central hub for your online presence and helps you engage with your audience.

Absolutely! Our author website designs are user-friendly and easy to update. You can add new books, blog posts, and content without any technical expertise.

A custom website reflects your unique brand and style, while templates may lack personalization. Custom designs provide flexibility, ensuring your website aligns perfectly with your vision.

In our meticulous assessment of professional ghostwriters, we consider vast experience, specialized expertise, and unique writing style. This rigorous process guarantees you’ll discover the perfect match for your eBook project, ensuring a successful and captivating outcome.

The timeline varies based on your needs, but we aim to deliver efficient turnarounds. We discuss your requirements upfront to ensure a smooth and timely design process.
Absolutely! We can guide you through web hosting and domain setup, ensuring your website is accessible to your audience. Our goal is to make your author’s web journey seamless.

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With the aim to provide remarkable book writing services,

U.S. Ghostwriting takes pride in the proficient and talented team of writers that are onboard. If you are stuck in the rut of your busy daily routine and are unable to translate your thoughts into words, imaginative thinkers and professional ebook ghostwriters at U.S. Ghostwriting will do the job for you.

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