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Seize this opportunity to author a non-fiction book of your own. Transform your writing process with our non-fiction format service. Let us craft compelling content and help you in effortlessly conquering writer’s block, streamlining your path to publishing success.

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Non-Fiction Book Writing Service

Unlock the power of words for writing a creative nonfiction narrative or story. Our expert nonfiction writers for hire are available to bring your vision to life. Get your book created with the changes you want, whether it’s subjective or objective. Share your personal book with the world through our top-notch freelance services.
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Transform your expertise into a professionally written and published non-fiction book with our non-fiction ghostwriting services. Our team of ghostwriters possesses the creative art of storytelling, writing expertise, publishing knowledge, and confidence in writing.
We are on the right path for addressing your writing, editing, and publishing concerns. Though it is a time-consuming process, we carry out complete research before writing and structuring your non-fiction book. We dedicate our time and effort to the completion of a manuscript that publishers would love.

You might be struggling to find a business ghostwriter who is dedicated and honest enough to help you become a published author. The ghostwriter may steal your ideas, lack knowledge of publishing standards, or charge extra later. Your concerns are all very valid.

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The Best Nonfiction Ghostwriting
Service To Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our non-fiction ghostwriting service transforms your ideas into reality ensuring that your book is based on facts, and becomes a success by hiring a skilled ghostwriter.

Book Writing

Our Non-fiction books ghostwriter covers a vast array of topics, such as biographies, self-help, history, science, and more. Our peerless nonfiction writers research, compile information, and craft engaging narratives to educate, inform, or entertain readers while maintaining factual accuracy.

Article and Blog Writing

Our expert writers not only craft nonfiction books but also excel at creating captivating fiction books, eye-catching book covers and helping you with your writing aspirations. Allow your imagination to soar as we craft compelling articles and blogs just for you.

Academic Writing

Let us write a book for you that is prevalent in the academic world and includes research papers, essays, reports, and dissertations. Our Academic writers follow rigorous guidelines, cite credible sources, and maintain a formal tone.

Technical Writing

Discover the art of technical writing with our expert book writers. Unleash your potential as you delve into the world of best non-fiction. If you want to write, we've got you covered. Join us and bring your ideas to life.

Memoirs and Autobiographies

Capture your life's journey with memoir writing. Our bestselling authors and professional non-fiction writers will bring your story to life. Unforgettable tales await.


Unleash your journalistic prowess with our skilled writers for hire. Hone your writing skills and gain an edge with our professional publishing services. Your path to success starts here.

Non-Fiction Writers With Skills To Bring Your Work To Life With Confidence

Unleash the power of book writing services and share your story with the world. Work with us, a top-notch non-fiction ghostwriting company, to experience writing with confidence. Our experienced writers possess exceptional writing talent and expertise in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. 

Whether you’re a novice writer or want to write a book, our nonfiction ghostwriting services are the best choice for all your writing needs. Hire a ghostwriter to transform your nonfiction story into a captivating masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact on readers. 

Embrace the journey of becoming an author and let your words inspire and enlighten you with the best ghostwriting.

Why Write a Nonfiction
Book With Us?

You might be apprehensive about hiring a ghostwriter and we understand that. That is why we have listed below the reasons why we are the right ghostwriter for you when you finally get to hire a business book ghostwriter.

Expert Guidance

Experienced nonfiction expert writers expertly craft a narrative, keeping readers engaged throughout. Work with a writing coach for expert guidance and improvements. We have writers available to bring your non-fiction book to life.


Collaborate with skilled non-fiction ghostwriters who refine your draft into a compelling final manuscript. We give your books a finishing and polishing look with high-quality editing and structuring.


Our services include creative non-fiction writing, guaranteeing a book that informs, inspires, and leaves a lasting impact. Writing a nonfiction book with us is an incredible opportunity to share real-life experiences, knowledge, and insights.


Embrace the power of storytelling and create a book that resonates with your audience. By hiring the best nonfiction writers, you ensure compelling content that combines reporting on facts with elements of storytelling.

Our Process


The first and most initial
step involves setting up a
consultation for the
discussion of the book’s
vision, goals, and target
audience with the author.

Research &

Conducting thorough
research on the subject
matter i.e., corporate
history, market and
industry analysis, intended
readership identification.

Writing &

Collaboration with the author,
writing the book, and making
revisions according to the
feedback. The ghostwriting
team then begins writing
your book.


We proofread and review
the manuscript thoroughly,
then edit and polish it
accordingly before moving
on to assist with the

Our Business Books Ghostwriting
Process Explained Comprehensively

We don’t make a baseless claim of being top ghostwriting and book writing services. Our writing process and publishing process are more detailed and complex than they may seem. It’s not just about dumping all the ideas into a book, repeating this process, and expecting the books to become New York Times bestsellers.

Let us guide you through the entire process of writing and editing that our professional writers follow, but in a more comprehensive way.

FAQs About Business Ghostwriter Services

The five types of non-fiction writing include informative essays, memoirs, biographies, self-help books, and journalistic pieces. Non fiction ghostwriters specialize in crafting these works, distinct from fiction, through the art of ghostwriting.

Yes, anyone can attempt writing a non-fiction book, but not everyone excels at it. Ghost writing services are available to bring your book to new light, providing professional assistance and expertise.

Nonfiction often sells well compared to fiction novels. The popularity of narrative non-fiction, coupled with readers seeking informative content, contributes to its success in the market.

Nonfiction ghostwriter offer expertise in crafting informative content, tailored to engage readers. Their focus on factual narratives sets them apart from fiction writers, making them valuable partners in creating effective book marketing strategies.

In contrast to fiction, writing a book with experienced non-fiction writers involves focusing on real events, research, and factual accuracy. They bring authenticity and depth to the narrative, engaging readers with valuable insights.

You can find nonfiction writers for writing nonfiction books by exploring writing and publishing platforms, freelancing websites, or by seeking recommendations from fellow authors and writing communities.

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We are known for our writing skills that help you attract multiple readers. Our professional e-book writers create magic with the words. Take a look:


With the aim to provide remarkable book writing services,

U.S. Ghostwriting takes pride in the proficient and talented team of writers that are onboard. If you are stuck in the rut of your busy daily routine and are unable to translate your thoughts into words, imaginative thinkers and professional ebook ghostwriters at U.S. Ghostwriting will do the job for you.

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