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Extrinsic Outlook With Pro Book Cover Design.

There is always a strange consistency between the outlook of the book and what’s written inside it. Make your ebook cover design more catchy with our experienced book cover designers.

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How can our Book Cover

Designs Be Your Best Pick?

Hiring our professional book cover designer can help you out in many ways. We bring surety to self-publishing writers that they would love working with us. We will customize your ebook cover according to your imagination and rough thoughts and will represent your genre in an elite way until you say, “That’s exactly what I was thinking of.” The best part of our book cover designing service is that we can create a spectacular and never-to-be-forgotten impression.

 Whether it is business, fiction, nonfiction, science, biography, or any other genre, we can prove ourselves to be the best.

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Finding a good professional ghostwriter let alone good ghostwriting services to help you write a book and then get your book published, ensuring that it reaches nearly all of your target audience, is all a challenge in itself.

You might be struggling to find a business ghostwriter who is dedicated and honest enough to help you become a published author. The ghostwriter may steal your ideas, lack knowledge of publishing standards, or charge extra later. Your concerns are all very valid.

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Give Your Author Journey Opportunity To
Thrive Through Our Services

Our designs are unique and convey the essence. Our team of designers creates a brief look by focusing on making small changes and maintaining the theme of the book by understanding every genre.

Artistic Typography

We have expertise in typography skills, playing with techniques including customized selection and font pairing, combining typography with pictures, having an exclusive typeface evaluation, and kinetic typography, having principles such as weight, form, structure, and direction in mind.

Notable Impression

As Professional Designers, we focus on making a cover simple yet attractive. Our design team works on solid composition and unique ideas comprised of creative brief descriptions and eye-catching looks for book cover designs.

Unlimited Revisions

We assure you that we provide several revisions for ebooks and paperbacks, discuss the project, and ask authors and publishers to fill out brief forms to begin the process of getting clear information about their custom book cover design.

Catch a Hook of Story

After designing thousands of Book Covers, we, as design experience, know how to make your book pick of a bunch. We know how to connect emotions, stay creative with titles, and put them on your book cover in a way that secures a hook between the outer and internal look.

Leading on Amazon KDP

Informative and shareable content to attract and engage your audience.

Plethora Amount of Art

Our professional book cover designers have exposure to a wide range of art, including portrayal representation, abstract, body-based, hieroglyph art, conceptual, illustrative, natural, bold patterns, and so on.

Informative and shareable content to attract and engage your audience.

Do you want to go with the Trend? Want to create a long-lasting impression on your readers? Want to connect with your potential audience in the best possible way?

We ensure that every bit and inch of our book cover design creates an essence of emotion and willingness and has a pure catch on book interior material.

We know how to keep your ebook cover design up with the Trend through our trained and experienced team of analysts, so there should be nothing to last in your book’s perfection.

We have knowledge of your good book, and to make it best, we understand your genre prospects, whether they include its excitement, expectations, or an understanding of its essential core.

How Do We Have Expertise
In Custom Book Cover Design?

Perhaps you might be concerned about hiring a creative book cover designer, and we agree with that. Hence, we know how to become your partner in creating a perfect book design for yourself. Further down are some of the most prominent reasons to choose us:


Expert Designers

We provide expert book cover designers to make your work a flawless masterpiece. Your custom cover summarizes your book, and we ensure to make it best for you.

Coaching Psyche

We believe in human potential as we can be the best and beyond expectations. We try our fine top designers to bring the best out in people and help them lead.

Trivial Details

We pay attention to slight details as they are significant to us, just like the major parts. Essential elements such as Color palettes, Images, and typography are very important to us.

Elude Cliche

We try our best to remove any cliche so you can have a unique and one-of-a-kind ebook cover design.

Our Process


Your custom ebook cover
design layout needs a
professional book designer
like us. Discuss your
project now.


Our editor read throughout
to remove any punctuation,
grammatical issue, or
inaccuracy so you can stand
out in the audience.


Our second last step
follows re-reading the
manuscript and making an
edit if needed or per the
client’s desire.

All-Set For

We ensure that your
manuscript is written
without any errors, and
there is no further need for
book editing and

What are the Hurdles Self-publishing
Writers Think of Book Covers?

We understand that writers sometimes get into so many doubts and worries because they have no idea how an ebook cover should be designed; they are confused about connecting consistency between the book’s exterior look and interior formatting. They are confused with the element selection, font selection, and color selection, and sometimes they get misconstrued with the title selection, too.

But there is nothing to worry about because we have the best custom and pre-made book cover designs. We have a talented book cover designer team creating rocking cover designs, keeping in mind the targeted audience, your potential readers, and depending on the complexity of your thoughts.


We use the same process for ebook and print cover design as both are created by our professional team on software and then delivered to you whether you want it in softcover or hardcover.

Yes, we have experience in every genre, including all the fiction and nonfiction categories.

Depending on your project, It can take a few weeks to a few months.

Yeah, you can, for sure. If you have any specific image or imagination, you can share it with us in the project.

It can include the whole structure from head to toe, comprised of minor details such as typography, color selection, font selection, genre concept, and many others.

It can include the whole structure from head to toe, comprised of minor details such as typography, color selection, font selection, genre concept, and many others.

See What Our Clients
Have To Say

We are known for our writing skills that help you attract multiple readers. Our professional e-book writers create magic with the words. Take a look:


With the aim to provide remarkable book writing services,

U.S. Ghostwriting takes pride in the proficient and talented team of writers that are onboard. If you are stuck in the rut of your busy daily routine and are unable to translate your thoughts into words, imaginative thinkers and professional ebook ghostwriters at U.S. Ghostwriting will do the job for you.

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