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Guide for creating an Author’s website

Comprehensive guide for creating an Author’s website

Want to showcase your book, novel, or story to a bigger audience and catch more attention globally?

Then, choosing the right platform to prove yourself as a wordsmith is a very crucial step.

Whether you are already a published author or are still working on your book if you consider yourself an author; that is all you require to create an Author website. Even in the world of books, where the traditional dominance is print; you need your website as an author. You can create your own page or an author website design service.

How To Create an Author Website?

Author Website Boot Camp

If you have ever wondered about “how to create an author website?” 

This is the right place for you, as this guide holds all the answers to creating an author website that helps grow your reputation. 

Is becoming a reputable author such an easy task?

Becoming an author is no easy task and it even gets more difficult when it comes to being recognized as one of the best authors.

Now, Here a question arises:

How to be the most noticed author and what are top skills, strategies, and ideas that bring out a “perfect author website.”

There are millions of books in the market today and finding the best ones from that requires adequate marketing skills. The best way to put your books on notice is through an author’s website. 

Here are some simple steps on how to create an author website;

Select and buy a domain name:

Having a domain name is the fundamental thing you require prior to creating a website.

You will need a domain address if you want to have a website.

Create your username for your website. Your identity is the only thing in life that will always remain unchanged.

Get website hosting:

It’s time to purchase hosting for your website after choosing a strong domain name.

A domain name is similar to an address. It communicates your residence to others. But it’s not your house. Your website’s residence is your web host. It is the location of your actual website.

 All of the HTML, CSS, PDF, JPG, etc. files must be accessible on a computer someplace for the coming audience, and that’s what web hosting does.

Choose the best platform:

WordPress is the most used platform with a ratio of 63%, which over makes 43.5% of websites. WordPress has strong assistance, and their team assists within a minimum time to cope with problems.

Others can include WIX, GHOST, WEEBLY, GODADDY, and SHOPIFY.

Finalize the perfect author website theme:

Your website’s design can be changed very easily with WordPress. You have access to numerous templates that you can download and modify.


There are two alternatives available when selecting a theme.


Absolutely free: The drawback with free design is that they are frequently difficult to change and offer no assistance.


Pro: You can find a higher-quality theme with a lot more features and support for less than $100.

Simple, Clear and Concise Content:

Content, including Pages, Visuals, and Infographics, should be simple, clear, and concise in an appealing way.

Pages every author should include in their web ;

  • Home
  • About 
  • Contact
  • Non-Confidential Policies
  • Explore
  • Books
  • Blogs

Market your website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Publishing SEO content on your website and sharing it on your social media profiles to generate social traffic is one of the simplest methods to make SEO and SMM work.


By understanding your target audience, using high-ranking keywords, updating content on a regular basis, including top-notch tags and titles, and obtaining references from other web owners, you can market your skills in the best possible way.

Mention professional Social Media links:

Does mentioning social media links on websites provide any benefit?

Yes, it helps increase the online visibility of search engine rankings and enhance your brand persona. 

It helps to compel customers in a more honest way to place trust in you.

What Is an Author’s Website?

author's website

Like its name says, an author’s websites is a website for authors that connects them with their readers and visitors who might’ve already developed an interest in the author’s book. To save yourself from investing time and hard work, you can easily avail services of a reputable author website developer.

 Every author needs an online presence regardless of how hard it is to admit. An author website serves to guide visitors and interested readers to available information about the author and their work; they can use this to learn more about you, your accomplishments, and your published work. An author page is important for improving your visibility and strengthening your reputation in your professional field.

Why does an author need one?


An author’s website proves the validity and professionalism of your book. It is the only place an author has complete control of the content without having to worry about changes in the algorithms and features of sites. The author’s website has a crucial role to play in the marketing of the authors’ books.

How can an author benefit from it?

desktop system

Along with providing relevant information to visitors, author websites present more opportunities to increase the interest of others in your work. It helps build a base of dedicated readers. Your online presence will establish you as a professional ready for competition and guide you regarding your methods of promoting your upcoming books and events.

Author websites can also deal with your book sales. With your own personal website, you add an online sore and sell directly to interested visitors, without any middlemen involved.
Similarly, if your books are on an app like Amazon KDP, your website can link your visitors directly to your account. If you apply a good online marketing strategy to the sales of your books, you will have a higher chance of becoming a bestseller.

What Does an Author’s Website Consist Of?

laptop on the desk
  • A Domain Name: A professional and easy-to-remember name for your website. A good practice is to go with short and simple names. It is generally advisable to use your own name in the domain name, instead of the name of one of your books. It will be a faster route toward building a brand identity and you will not have to worry about changing your domain name.
  • About Page: This is where you introduce yourself to your visitors. Tell them about your professional accomplishments, what inspires you, and your aims and goals. Include a photo of yourself, a compiled list of any awards you have received in your field, and a short and sweet professional bio.
  • Your Books: It’s pretty obvious for an author’s website, but you should devote an entire section to your books. Give your visitors a nice overview of your writing, an enticing preview, and the best quality image of the cover pages of your existing titles; so they are tempted to buy something.

You can also provide the option of buying books directly from your website; in order to achieve this, you’ll need a layout that entices the visitor to respond to the call to action. You can also include titles that you have not yet completed, simply provide a preview of the book; this will be helpful in creating hype for the book before it is even released.

  • Positive Reviews: It is encouraged and expected to include positive feedback on your work and achievements from readers, publishers, or other writers. Books with reviews have higher chances of being read, as they serve to familiarize potential readers with the content of your book and show the general reaction of your existing readers.

An author’s website is the best place to boost positive responses to prove that your book is worth it.

  • Contact Form: Do you want to keep your readers updated about book releases, special events, and other important events in your career? You need the contact information of your readers to steadily build up your mailing list. Help users and visitors maintain contact with you by providing them with a user-friendly contact form for your website. And now that you have compiled a mailing list, use a compelling email marketing strategy to strengthen your relationship with your readers.

Why You Need an Author’s Website?


An author’s website is a centralized place for all readers. Finding an author’s book and staying up to date with the activities of the authors, or simply reading an author’s published works on various websites; all of these can be very confusing and simply a lot to do.

Readers and visitors need an author’s website to have a centralized place for everything, without going through the trouble of searching on multiple platforms. The author’s website will showcase the books and write-ups, and provide links to your press releases, interviews, event information, and other content.

Conclusive Thoughts:

Creating an Author’s page is inevitable for an author regardless of the type of content you produce. This type of website is not only beneficial to the readers for finding relevant information in one place, it also helps the author reach the target audience more easily. However, an author’s website can be very time-consuming to create and maintain. In this case seeking the assistance of a reputable author website design services like Webookx.


The first step in creating an author website is to buy a domain, create a domain name, choose a website builder and hosting site, add content to your page, set up a newsletter for your readers and visitors, create free resources, and consistently work on improving the user experience.

An Author’s website needs to have a Domain Name; an About Page, to introduce the author; a Books’ Page, to give an overview of the titles published by an author; a Reviews Section, to show what readers think about the author’s work; and a Contact Form, to stay connected with the readers after they have gone through your website.

Authors needing a website is an undeniable fact now. This is because, it bridges the gap between the author and the reader, makes it easier for the readers to learn about the author and get all the relevant information from one credible source. The author, on the other hand, can have complete authority over the content shared and establish an online presence.

The timeline varies based on your needs, but approximately it could take efficient turnarounds. List up your requirements and desires upfront to ensure a smooth and timely design process.

 Absolutely! WordPress website designs are user-friendly and easy to update. You can add new books, blog posts, and content without any technical expertise.

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