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How To Write a Novel in 30 Days?

How To Write a Novel In 30 Days?

Ever thought of writing a novel in just 30 days?

Dream or a nightmare?

It encompasses the power to be your heavenly dream or a worst nightmare, depending on your thoughts, ideas, and strategy.

Is it time-consuming, and what’s the proof that it will be successful?

Writing a novel may come off as a task that is too time-consuming as it requires a lot of focus and research. However, we have brought you a guide that will help you become a novelist within 30 days, that is a month! While chefs never share their recipes, we have brought you the secrets to writing a compelling novel within 30 days from the top eBook ghostwriters.

What’s better to hire a top-notch ghostwriter or be a self-writer?

While you can always get assistance and services from any reputable ghostwriters for hire, it is still nice to know how to write on your own, so you can actually judge the writing and make relevant changes as well.

Have a publishing show or press event soon?

People who have to finish writing tasks within the short term often go for availing fiction writing services, which in itself is a great choice. However, if you are interested in learning to finish a draft within a short period of time and as quickly as possible, read on to learn how to proceed with it. As long as you prepare properly, write with diligence, and follow our tips, you will be able to pen your novel within 30 days.

Now, without taking more time, let’s dig deep into what this phrase “How To Write A Novel In 30 Days?” works out:

1. Set Your Story Out

Set Your Story Out

The initial step of learning to write within 30 days is to set your story up.

Let’s scrutinize the steps given below:

 Signing up for a writing challenge:

This is not a necessity but is considerably helpful in learning to stay consistent with your writing especially when you feel like dropping it.

Ready to get Inspired?

Reading other novels for inspiration can help you recognize the type of novel you intend to write. You can read new novels or reread old ones.

Reading a variety of novels of different styles can help you learn to differentiate between writing styles and how to write.

Decide type of novel you wish to write: 

A wide variety of genres are available for writing novels. You can either choose one genre to write on or combine multiple genres. Keep an idea notepad at hand:

Ideas can come to you anytime anywhere. As a writer, you should keep an idea notebook at hand all the time, so you can jot down ideas as soon as they strike you.

Planning your novel:

When you have enough ideas, it is time to begin planning your novel. You can shape the plot of your novel and design a probable story arc to follow throughout the process of writing.

Find a friend to write with: 

Having a friend write with you is helpful when you feel like you are more likely to drop your novel if you write alone. A friend who writes with you will encourage you to write and you can do the same for them.

Start With a Visual Shot

Add up the spice of infographics, and use images and visuals to create an engaging promotional start by leaving a hint or eliciting emotion to the shot, which will make your target audience more curious to know what the actual recipe is.

Connect Readers to Characters

Create a captivating bond between readers to your fictional characters with a strong back story. It could be a hint to any event in the novel, any emotional lines, any character related to the audience, any plot that really does happen in actual existence, or it could be anything beyond the limits which makes them eager to read without losing the interest.

2. Write the Novel

Write the novel

Ghostwriting is expensive, or you don’t know how to communicate your ideas to someone properly?

It changes nothing but makes you a more strong, highly self-esteemed writer, so take your pen and paper and start the next process.The second part of writing a novel within 30 days is to get down to the writing process. You can follow the given steps throughout the writing process to make it easier for yourself:

The following steps throughout the writing process will efficiently work out to make it easier for yourself:

An overall word count goal: Once you are ready to write, set a goal of word count that you will have completed by the time your novel is finished.

A daily word quota: Set a quota for your daily word count, this will help you write a fixed number of words every day. You can simply divide your total word count target by 30 and get a quota for every day.

Begin writing at the month’s beginning: Start writing at a month’s beginning, that way you will be done by the end of the same month and you will have found your writing groove early.  

Establish a routine that works best for you: A writing routine that works best for you will help you focus on your novel better. Whatever time of the day suits you, you can write at that time.  

Avoid getting distracted: Distractions like your phone, TV, internet, etc. should be avoided altogether to be able to focus solely on writing.  

Keep yourself motivated: You can set milestones for yourself and reward yourself every time you complete one. For example, you could treat yourself to your favorite chocolate every time you finish writing 1,000 words.

Leave editing for the end: Avoid editing your draft during the writing process. It can be time-consuming and sometimes demeaning. You can edit the draft when it is finally down.

3. Revise Your Work

Revise Your Work

Once you are done with writing and are about to move to the next step of adding finishing to your draft, follow the tips given below to proceed:

Take Breaks: Once you are done writing the novel, treat yourself to a break. Try to freshen up before getting to the editing stage, this will help you see your novel in a clearer and better light.

Get Reviews: Ask people you trust to give you feedback on your novel. Ask them to be honest in their judgments and to give criticism freely.

Read Continuously: Keep reading the various books, novels, or articles on the genre you are writing your novel in. It actually works out and makes you go through different meteoroids of the same galaxy.

Expand: You can even expand your novel to more than 50,000 words if you wish to get it published since most publishers want a word count higher than 50,000.

Quantity Over Quality: Everyone writes. Differently the difference can be a style guide, tone, way of delivering messages, or any idea that triggers. But, all these things should take care of the quality of work. Completing a novel in 30 days doesn’t mean writing anything without order, just to come up with the word count. It means to focus on writing what you actually like rather than counting words and pages.

Decide What Works: Reread your draft to see what fits, and fix or remove what does not feel like it belongs. Even if you favor a particular character or scene, you will have to cut it out if it does not fit.

Revise: After receiving the needed feedback and creating a proper plan in your mind, you will be good to return to your draft novel. While you won’t need to write at the same speed as before, you can still set milestones and a routine to follow.

Conclusive Thoughts

Trying to write a novel in 30 days is challenging.

Because that’s too much!

When you are in the middle of any journey, it seems to be impossible, but we know that you can do it with the best practices.

Writing a book in 30 days seems like a real challenge when you first look at it.

However, you can achieve success in this endeavor if you have the right tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Multiple multi-taskers can help out in writing, editing, proofreading, and revisions.

If you need assistance with completing a novel in a short period of time, you can easily avail of the services of reputable ebook writers like Webookx.


While each person is different and thus everyone requires a different period to write a novel, on average, it takes about 6 to 12 months to write a novel for the first time. However, nothing is impossible and you can write a novel within a month too.

It is possible to write a novel in a time period short as 3 days when you are willing to put in time and effort to do so, and you have the right writing strategies.

If you want to publish your manuscript, you can send back your book draft and request any revisions or changes before finalizing the work for publication from reputable ghostwriting agencies.

Suppose you have an existing work of fiction that needs polishing. In that case, you can hire a ghostwriter to edit and refine it, enhancing its quality and appeal to readers, or you can include the above process in your polishing step as well.

Our story writing service provides end-to-end support, including guidance on publishing. From creating captivating content to designing a stunning book cover, we ensure your book stands out in the market. Here’s a deep round to it.

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