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Are you looking to captivate readers and make a name for yourself with a bestselling graphic novel? Hire an experienced comic ghostwriter and illustrator in one with us and let us format your comic book script into an award-winning comic book.

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Imagination Real With The Perfect Comic

While building a fan base like that of a Marvel comic book is a long way to go, we can help you make your new comic stand out in the writing industry. Partner with us to begin your writing career as a comic book author.  Let us make your comic book project a success as you experience writing an actual comic to call your own.  We take pride in our commitment to confidentiality with our best services, working discreetly with freelancer behind the scene to preserve your identity while creating exceptional content. Through brainstorming and meticulous research, we’ll craft an e-book that surpasses your expectations, empowering you to share your knowledge and stories with the world. Embrace the power of words with our professional ghostwriter, turning your ideas into timeless masterpieces that leave a lasting impact on readers. Partner with us today and unleash the full potential of your literary dreams
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Do you want to write a comic story but don’t want to hire a ghostwriter due to some fears?
We understand. After all, not all ghostwriters offering comic book writing services can be actual expert comic writers. <br><br>
It’s not necessary that a writer must write scripts for their own comic, our creative comic writers can assist you in your project whether or not you have a script at hand. All we need is your idea and we’re good to proceed with that.

You might be struggling to find a business ghostwriter who is dedicated and honest enough to help you become a published author. The ghostwriter may steal your ideas, lack knowledge of publishing standards, or charge extra later. Your concerns are all very valid.

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Our Professional Comic
Book Writing Services

Our ghostwriting company specializes in writing a wide variety of business content. Below we have listed and explained precisely what our business ghostwriting services entail:

Screenplay Writing

Bring your stories to life visually with captivating comic book screenplays that combine compelling dialogue, dynamic scenes, and engaging plotlines for an immersive reading experience.

Comic Series

Intricate comic book series that seamlessly weave the characters and storylines through multiple challenges. Deliver a compelling narrative that keeps the readers eagerly anticipating each update.

World Building

Rich and immersive comic book universes, meticulous settings, cultures, and histories, enhance the authenticity and depth of your stories.

Character Creation

Realistic characters with unique personalities, visual design, and backstories that resonate with the readers building their lasting interest in your illustrations and comic. You need such characters to create an epic original comic.

Panel Design & Layout

In-depth reports and whitepapers to showcase your industry insights and knowledge.

Author's Website

Websites for professional writers and authors for readers to recognize as a comic book writer's page. A writer should be able to communicate with their readers and fans and keep them updated about upcoming projects or publications.

Give Life To Your
Comic Script

A great comic book gives life to your ideas. You might already have an idea for a comic and you might need a professional comic book script now. This is where our professional comic writing services come in. Our team of experienced and talented comic book writers and illustrators makes your raw concept come alive by creating a comic universe out of it. 

Why You Should Be Writing
A Comic With Us?

You might be apprehensive about hiring a ghostwriter and we understand that. That is why we have listed below the reasons why we are the right ghostwriter for you when you finally get to hire a business book ghostwriter.

Experienced Writers

Our skilled writers have the experience, tools, and expertise to help you become a writer that readers recognize as a comic bestselling author.

Effective Communication

Our team has effective communication skills that encourage proper two-way correspondence to ensure your ideas are conveyed and incorporated well. We prioritize these communication skills because no amount of money can make for unsatisfactory work.

Skilled Comic
Book Artists

When you hire a freelance comic book writer, you might have to pay the writer and the artist separately. But, when you avail of our best ghostwriting services for your comic writing, we have both. The writers will create the story and the script which is then sent to an artist who draws illustrations, from our own team.

Guiding And

We don't stop assisting your project, guiding you through publication options and processes. We support you throughout the publishing process you opt for.

Whether you choose a comic app like Webtoon or a self-publishing option like Amazon KDP, we will be here to help you through it.

Our Process


The first and most initial
step involves setting up a
consultation for the
discussion of the book’s
vision, goals, and target
audience with the author.

Research &

Conducting thorough
research on the subject
matter i.e., corporate
history, market and
industry analysis, intended
readership identification.

Writing &

Collaboration with the
author, writing the book,
and making revisions
according to the feedback.
The ghostwriting team then
begins writing your book.


We proofread and review
the manuscript thoroughly,
then edit and polish it
accordingly before moving
on to assist with the

Our Comic Writing Process For
Creating The Best Comic

As experienced comic book writers, we believe that writing a comic script is not the only job of a comic writer. Our process for producing a creative comic is extensive and very important as every comic artist in our team knows. Let us guide you through the entire process of writing and editing that our professional writers follow, but in a more comprehensive way.

FAQs About Our Script
Writing & Ghostwriting Service

A breathtaking tapestry of diverse creations that astound and inspire. Our portfolio demonstrates our unmatched expertise in creativity and innovation, leaving you in awe.

Start writing your comic book by holding a consultation with our team about your vision and concept. From there onward, we will guide you through every step.

Though the project duration depends on the complexity and length of your comic, the timeline is kept reasonable while ensuring high quality work.

We specialize in a wide variety of comic genres from fantasy and superhero to slice-of-life and sci-fi. Our mission is to fulfill your vision.

Professional ghostwriting services offer comprehensive research and a seamless experience. Skilled writers handle projects with expertise, delivering high-quality content for novels, articles, and blogs. No worries about deadlines or quality; we’ve got it covered.

Certainly. Our skilled artists bring your characters to life with visual designs that resonate with their unique personalities and roles.

Yes, we most certainly will guide you through the publishing process and help you craft and apply strategies to reach maximum readers. 

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We are known for our writing skills that help you attract multiple readers. Our professional e-book writers create magic with the words. Take a look:


With the aim to provide remarkable book writing services,

U.S. Ghostwriting takes pride in the proficient and talented team of writers that are onboard. If you are stuck in the rut of your busy daily routine and are unable to translate your thoughts into words, imaginative thinkers and professional ebook ghostwriters at U.S. Ghostwriting will do the job for you.

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